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VWD 120 RR BB SPS/LPS and who knows what else tank build

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It's been a while since doing a tank build, a really long time. Many things have keep me in the background for sometime now most of it was work related.

The tank is a 120 RR , the component so far are the tank, stand and canopy the canopy maybe coming off it hinder me and setting the lights up.

The lighting will be 1 48 proton 215 watt LED with controller and 2 kessel 160WE with controller. I'm hoping they will support SPS and clams.

The skimmer will be a Life Reef VS3-36 with Mazzei venture ran by a blueline 40 HDX

So far for power heads I have only ordered the Maxspect gyre XF150, I want to see how well they perform

I will also be installing 1/4 chiller as the weather here in the south is hot during the summer months let along the rest of the year. So it was on the list for must have items

I will also be run GFO media and carbon.

The tank will be bare bottom and I will be setting it up base rock and a small amount of live rock.

This is just the start and now I have to wait for everything to arrive .

I will be setting up a QT tank during this time also , it's a 56 gallon I think. I already have it so may as well used it .
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Unfortunately the government does not do anything immediately...had a city worker actually say that to me once...but here's to wishing someone gets a fire under their bottom and gets moving.
:campfire: agreed. Would a geyser do?

We're still in the local news for the floods back in June daily.
Governor asking for more money, and they're just now bringing
ideas for buy out criteria, to the table 3 months later.
This Christmas will be well out of sorts for thousands.
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Here's a couple photos of the one in the 50. It was 100% silent and was connected to the sump of the 120
Rectangle Automotive exterior Tints and shades Vehicle door Glass
Gas Household supply Kitchen appliance Flooring Machine
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Don’t know how I added photos back in , when all I was trying to do is save the photos to my phone, strange
Yeah, you mentioned the other day that sooooo many of our threads have lost the pictures......A part of the 'great migration' with the face lift sadly...,,.,.,.I tried having 'it' looked into, but didn't seem to get anywhere's.

I had to go back and add new pictures to some of my more recent endeavors to keep them alive.
Yeah, this thread survived and pictures still in it. I was looking for pictures of my internal bean
  • Haha
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