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Zoos won't open

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All the zoo colonies in my tank haven't been open for a week (three dif colonies about 15-20 polyps plus lots scattered in the tank) and none of the colonies have been closed up before. I am pretty certain its some sort of pest as i can see small white bumps and "chew"lines on them and read about a freshwater dip, but problem is, all the " rock'' they are attached to are actually made out of a fluffy brown tube worms and I am worried if I dipped them all, I would kill my worms as well.
Any other way to treat them??
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Could be a nudi infestation, zoa eating spiders or stars. Best to get in there and figure out what it is so you can treat it.
HOnestly I would risk a few worm deaths to treat an infestation. Other than FW, IDK how gentle the other tx are to worms.
Params are SG 1.024, temp 26deg (78.8fah), pH 8.2,alk 10, ammonia and nitrite undetectable, nitrate 0.5 and phos 0.15.
If anything the phoshate readings are smaller than normal as I have just installed a new skimmer two weeks ago, other than that all other tank inhabitants are fine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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