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Zoo Med Power Sweep.

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Anyone has used these little things before?

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i havent used one, but i keep hearing bad things about hem. like they only work for a few days. and hten stop working..

but maybe someone here has used them and has a better opinion.
I have. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate it at 8. I liked the way it worked. The only problem I had was that the suction cups would come off every week or so. I have read many posts saying they are no good becuase the rotating motion will quit working after a short time but I had mine for like 6 months. I gave it away but it still was working good.
Pure junk. I've only heard of a few success stories with them and a whole bunch of bad. I had one and the sweep feature worked for 24 hours and was noisey when it did. I took it apart and cleaned it like everyone recommended and it worked for exactly one half of a sweep. I e-mailed the manufacturer and got no response from them.

Need more?:)
Rick O said:
.....Need more?:)
I think not! :funny:

Thank you guys!

Is there any preferred powerhead brand that most people will back up. One that is just good it is not debatable?

Thanks again!

I have seen the name MaxiJet here and there.....
I like the Maxijets. Never had a problem with them. Like the old Timex commercial, they just keep on ticking....
yup, maxijet, and i have had good luck, and read lots of good things about the hagen aquaclear;s as well.

fwiw: i have aquaclear's on many of my fw tanks, running the powerheads, and have never had one fail yet. my oldest is about 4 years old.

but if i'm correct most of the maxijets offer a nigher gph rate than the aquaclear's do..
I have one, no problems here...I have had it for about 9 weeks...

Maxi's, Hagens work for me, I tried the Powersweep and it lasted 1 month then died.
The Zoo's you have to mantain them. Clean them so they dont snag up and freez.

maxijets are my favorite. I have had a power sweep for well over a year and it still works fine. My only complaints are that the suction cups do not stick at all so I have to rest it on a piece of rock. The rotating mechanism also clogs up a lot but it is easy to clean. I have to take it apart and rinse it with hot water at least once a week, but it does work.
Thank you !!!

Maxijets it is! ;)
I'm trying to build a system that is low maintenance, at least as far as equipment goes.

Thanks a lot for your input!

BTW, I have used hagen powerheads and they are really good indeed, I wonder if they can be ordered online somewhere...
If you want low maintenance then for sure go with the maxijets :)
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