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Evening all,,
This started out as a “morning all” when I tried to Post/check in this morning when I was in the waiting room at the hospital x-Ray dept to get my shoulders x-ray for my doc. X-Ray tech came n got me before my behind got settled in the chair… super fast in and out 👍🏼. 15 minutes from front door/registration/x-rays / parking lot,,,, but a 45 minute drive each way 🙄. Is what it is.

Beau the puppy is being a puppy ,,, can’t wait until I can look back at this as “puppy fun” , haha. Beau is a good 9 week old fella,, but 100% puppy as to learn him what is ok to play/chew on , and what’s not. Luckily King the GSD is being a good big brudder,, playing with him/ wearing him out so he can go into a sleep coma… Now I know how human moms( and dads) feel when their youngun goes down for a nap, heheh.

And just like I forsaw,,, the Doxie rescue rep texted me a hr ago , asking if I was up for a new foster,,, of course I said YUP. Think this gets me a gold star on my “Crazy Dog Dad” card 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😂.

Working up a mental job list for tomorrow,,, will see how the list and how I feel will work together.

Hack, Saw/heard this on a recent Dirty Jobs episode,, when he worked at a seafood boil seasoning place,, “J O” seasonings. They said that folks think when they see crab boils etc, they think what is on em is “Old Bay “ seasoning ,, where most commercial places use their stuff .
Picked up some Old Bay at the grub store this morning ,, ( they did not carry the J O stuff) and tried it on popcorn this evening ,,,, WOW! They said it was good,, I thought they were right 👍🏼👍🏼.

Hope everyone had a great day👍🏼
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