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you gotta check this out!

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i cant get the link to work but, go to nano section on reefcentral and check the thread: coffeepot nano.
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sorry I dont do RC:)
I don't really do RC any more either but I've seen the start of that thread a while ago so I'll go and check it out.
And the Reason why I don't do RC anymore is because when I just tried I got a message similar to

"Server is busy please try again later"

I see there server upgrade they did some months ago still wasn't enough.

The ARC moved to this fine BB and I have never regretted that decision. Keep up the good work everyone over here at TRT.
seems that most TRTers don't do RC...I do both, and enjoy both...oh well....I checked out the coffee pot, and it is somewhat interesting, but I think more interesting nanos can be made than that, although that's a good idea
Well either way, I do both, so I guess I am bi-forumable.

That coffee pot idea is actually a neat concept. Using the water part as a small sump. Next thing is a blender.


You'd get some really good flow with the blender idea :funny:
is it something like this:

I get a kick out of these:

Thanks for the compliment Charles :)
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i have to agree with charles that the server busy thing is awful!
i just thought it was a neat idea, yeah i cant wait to see the blender idea. the only thing that scares me about the blender idea is that the pither may leak and im not keen on that!

oh the blades!
yeah well hey, we all have atleast one type of predator in out tanks already that the fish seem to get around so im sure that they will learn to stay away from the moving blades:D
all this talk on nano's has got me thinking again. i may switch my macquarium back over to SW. make it a pico again. this is how it is really done.;)

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