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Yellow tang not doing well....

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Need help trying to find the source of the problem.

This is in my 75 gallon reef that's been setup almost a year now with that fish, a pari of false percs, and a 6-line wrasse in it. I bought the tank used and the tang came with it. I believe he was in the previous owners setup for two years. Was doing great until yesterday when my Azoo powerhead went crazy and burnt out:mad: . He then started hiding out and staying still. I have since taken out the powerhead (I have two maxijet1200s in there still until my AM3000 comes back:mad: ).

Please give me your ideas on what might be the cause of...well, by this afternoon it will probably be death.

Thank in advance,
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Will he come out and eat?
If he freaked out - how about turning off lights and leaving some nori for him. He may need some motivation.
Does it look skinny? I had a yellow tang that suddenly stopped eating, got very skinny and died. I was told that it had died of a internal infection. Maybe you should move it to a quarantine tank in case you need to give him some medical treatment.
I recently read (I think on Tullock's natural reef) that ich is not necessarily too obvious in the early stage. So maybe you should treat as a prevention anyway.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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