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X-10 users

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Ok, so I had my electrician install 5 X-10 recepticals and while doing so he said that although he was not real knowladgeable about them he did know that GFI's are a problem.

I called Smarthome, where I bought them , and they said that GFI's can be a problem, some work and some don't and not only do they not know which brands work, but that 2 identical units from the same manufacturer may or may not work.

So what experiance have those of you using X-10's had with GFI's?

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Big problems come with X-10 on two phased houses. Where they will split the house into two phases. X-10 has a very hardtime crossing from one phase to another, If you house has been wired like this, contact your electrician and X-10 and there is a device that can be installed in your breakerbox to bridge the X10 signal on both phases. I have x10 installed on GFCI's and havn't had a problem. But I use the x10's before the gfci not after like most people do.
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