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Hello every one im looking for a 135 reef ready tank only in ga . I know this is a shot in the dark but i have an 135 oceanic tank that has a few scrachs nothing that is noticeable when filled up. I just really wont a reef ready tank and not really going to be happy until i get one lol. I would just save and buy one new but im getting married in nov so lol what ever i do ill have to do quick. I would might be intrested in trading for a 90 bowfront reef ready or like a 100 or 120 witch ever is 5 foot long reef ready tank but not sure if ill trade probally not im not going to lie. But I would like to buy 135 reef ready tank only no glass tops no lights no nothing just the tank its self i would like to have an oceanic tank but anyways enough of your time again a shot in the dark i know . i live in northwest ga and could come to atlanta and pick up.
If ya have this tank and would like to sell or know someone who does please email
[email protected]

thanks daniel
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