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Wrasse question

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Wellll, I keep seing these beautiful wrasses, and one sure would look great in my reef! I was just wondering if they stay as colorful in the aquarium, and are there ANY that aren't "jumpers" as I can think of no way to "cover" or secure my tank without driving temps into the stratosphere. The open back on the canopy is a must for the fans I am using, and glass lids are out of the question for various reasons. I had a sixline before that never jumped, but I am talking about the more colorful species, like the tri color and faerie wrasses.
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they tend to fade when not exposed to others of their species. that whole supermale thing.:D

you can put those grates that are used on drop-in ceiling lights. you can cut them to the size you need. it does not block much light, lets air through, and stops most jumpers. there are some that are just to skilled and can fit through any top used.:rolleyes: if you dedide on this route make sure not to get the chrome covered ones. they tend to flake over time.

hmm, thats an idea I hadn't thought of. It doesn't block too much light you say? That is the only worry I would have, but I can try it and see if it gets much dimmer. I suppose I could even just cover the back opening of the canopy with it, and not even worry about the top of the tank.
Thanks for the idea!:D
I saw a faded one the other day at the lfs and figured that the supermale thing was the case, just wanted to make sure it wasn't sickly.
Eggcrate, which is what I think we're talking about here, is thinner on one side of the grate than on the other. Put the thin side up and you won't lose too much light. And if you don't want one huge piece, you can "hinge" it with zip ties. :)
You know, that "hinge" idea is great! Thanks a lot. I am also assuming we are talking about the eggcrate..:D
yep, same stuff.

you can find the eggcrate at Home Depot for about $8.00 for a sheet. They won't know what you are talking about if you go in asking for eggcrate. Just go to the lighting section...they have them on the shelves.
yeah, we have tons of the stuff hanging around at work from when they changed the lighting, I have ready access to plenty of it for FREE!!:D :D
The biggest wrasse lady I know is StellaMN. She has a 40 packed with them:drool: Mainly fairy I believe. You might want to drop her a line.
Not quite packed with them...I lost both the arrowhead wrasse and filamented flasher wrasse to carpet surfing....that's what I get for taking the eggcrate off of the tank :(

Down to just a solar wrasse and a female scott's fairy. Time to restock...

incidentally, while we are speaking of carpet surfing, i had two freshwater swordtails escape out of my 3 gallon hex (with an acrylic top) through a hole the size of a dime; they just shot straight through that tiny hole, in the middle of the night, too. poor little crusty carpet critters. fish must have great night vision.
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