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Wow, Wednesday

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OK, I see the big guy roaming the halls but I'm going to jump and make the post.

Mornin all. Muffins and coffee is at hand. 26F and heading to 32 today under mixed skies. Another weather system headed our way tomorrow night but it looks like it will be mostly rain. We will see.

Have a great day all.
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Good late check in, guys!

Vinnie, that’s a charming story about Presley. You did the right thing for her. I probably would’ve choked on a laugh.

Ahhhhhh....God bless the mind of a Child Vinnie. As Our Children grow older and become more 'intelligent', how I miss the wonder of intelligence being measured by imagination.:giggle:
That’s a great commentary on Vinnie’s story. I rest my case on a stifled giggle.

Doug, those storm photos are scary! I’m glad that you are safe.
Wow! What a shocker about Jeff Beck and a huge loss to music world.

Jeff - Yikes on that CAT scan you had today. The way you described having to hold your arms throughout the test gives me the creeps.
You are acting like a proper expectant daddy about the GSD pup be yours.

Tomorrow morning I’ve got a Civitan meeting at 8:00, and I have to pick up a couple numbers on the way. I won’t be checking into a little bit later.

The man in charge of the grounds and the buildings at Church said something about the S word for Friday. I don’t know what weather report he looked at, but I sure didn’t see that.

The group Innes take over everyone tonight. See you sometime tomorrow.
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OMG Jeff Beck passed yesterday :(

10 years ago
Page not only played 12 string on the original, he WROTE the original. Also in that session were John Paul Jones, Nickey Hopkins and Keith freaking Moon. What a lineup."
I saw. That original session was one of the first tries at what would eventually become Led Zeppelin.
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Yes thats true, Jeff was an amazing player and arranger, always pushing boundaries and reaching for more. Jeff and Mark Knofler are the 2 guitarists I never tire of listening and watching play. I wish i could have seen them play together.
On Sleepwalk Jeff nails the steel guitar part
In 76 or 77 during my years of driving a cab in Albuquerque I picked up the Jeff beck band at the airport. Not Jeff beck but his band at the time.
and they heard about Albuquerque and the low riders that on Friday and Saturday night with crews downtown and west Albuquerque all night long. They asked me to take them down there so they could see all the low riders and cruise downtown Albuquerque. I don’t know why Jeff Beck wasn’t with them. I imagine he flew in early or later.
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Back in Oct 65, my family moved from Springfield Oregon to Livermore , Cal midweek. I found out the Yardbirds were playing in Stockton (40 miles away on the hiway out od Livermore, I walked out to the hiway and hitchhiked to see them with a dollar in my pocket. Caught a ride with someones that were going to show. Got in, saw the show, got to meet the band and have been a fan since, I got to see the Jeff Beck band with Rod, Ronnie, and Nicky hopkins when they busted out as well as several iterations, I really like the Ronnie Scott blues session with Tal Welkenfield nd Vinny Coliata
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Mean while back at the ranch my Beetchy neighbor texted me at work that Furgee was chasing the Canadian Honkers trying to nest ( WTF????) she came back home and Jojo caught this pix. Hang on
Wood Working animal Felidae Water Fawn
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Thats furgee 6 feet up tree looking fo phantom geese in the kids tree house
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