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Good mawnin’, Perry, Rick, and all of TRT! I better hurry up before Hack shows up for the day.

Thanks for the coffee, Perry. I’ll put out oatmeat, Cream of Wheat, nanners, and all kinds, a goodies to put in your hot cereal. There’s also cinnamon raisin bread for you to toast, if you’re cold, we got the fixings for hot chocolate.

Barry, when you go back to work, just show those whiners what it’s like to do a job. If they don’t do it their jobs, then they need to be canned.

Rick, looking forward to seeing what you do with that spare 30. Yay on scrubbing down those rocks that had remnants of algae on them. Good way to scrub away work frustrations when you get home.

Hack - well I missed beating you. I wish or you were headed off to taking Nate to work, but I see that he has a day off. Maybe he has the day off because of snow.

Sounds like a fun day for Squirt and Jen today! And now I’m scared of what you and Nate might be doing today.🙄🤪

Doug, sure hope you got your printer going. They can really want to tear your hair out when you’re trying to set them up.

There’s been construction going on at our community life building here on campus since before Thanksgiving. And today’s up first day back in the dining hall!🎉🎉
Dinner church tonight and it’s followed by choir practice.

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone! Be groovy, along the way
1 - 1 of 16 Posts