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Morning all,
Zero this morning ,, already up to 7 degrees,,, heatwave🥶.
Early am run to town for topping off pantry/fridge,, now the plan is to put in shop time ,, kicked up the heat when I got home out there, nice to start “work” in decent temps. Of course the required Keurig cup o coffee out here before I get started,,, Union rules.
Also, a time tested statement from a co-worker yrs ago “ you can’t come back to the shop for lunch , if you don’t leave after the mid morning coffee break first “ This is the same fella that taught me to reach in a pocket and drop a quarter next to the nickel you just accidentally dropped,,, “I’m not bending down/over for JUST a nickel,,, gotta make it worth the effort “ Along with getting either puzzled looks or a chuckle from folks seeing this happen, the quarter has now become a dollar bill at least,,, some things just ain’t worth it , heheh.

Time to get busy again ,,

Hope everyone has a great day!👍🏼
1 - 1 of 16 Posts