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Nice clams - if we had the room I'd snag'em.

I don't think they really need any more care than other corals. But they reconmend the next size up for beginner clam keepers.

Needs are different. If you want to grow your own green water, less $$ or use Dt's lot of $$$$$$$. If you haven't started growing the green water, checkout flame*angels on RC - go to her site, nice setup and very informative.

The guy on clams direct - feeds his clams, one at a time, by taking them out in a bowl of water - place some phyto in it so the water turns a little green and gives the clam 5-10 mins to "eat" then back into the tank it goes. I would trun off the pumps and feed the whole tank phyto so the other corals get feed. JMO

Our "next tank" will have clams, the boss said so :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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