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working plan for sump on new 115 sps reef

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looking for input on my sump and under tank layout that i am planning for a new 115 sps reef tank i am building. i am as yet unsure on the pumps, and i hope i have worked out fixes to most of the microbubble issues.

please offer any advice, or ask any questions which might help me figure this out. i want it 100% planned and layed out before i cut the first piece of pvc. i could really use suggestions on my closed loop pump, as well as a main system circulation pump, which will run through a 1" seaswirl in the tank.

thanks in advance.
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Was it reef ready? If not you might want to consider getting it drilled.

Maybe two drains out instead of one @ 1" or 1.5" each corner

Drill for closed loop (if you want) no squd needed (more drilling)

One pump for return and to feed all the acessories thru a manifold - Iwaki 70 or 100

One pump for the closed loop - ampmaster ?

more LR :D :rolleyes:
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only get a return pump that pumps a little more than what the skimmer puts out. most of the problems people have is that they are pushing insane flow through thier sumps. use CLS's for the flow. use the sump for climate control and skimmer water return. most skimmers only have a 500gph or less flow coming out of them. so going with a greater flow than that through your sump would just be asking for a greater chance of micro bubbles.

just my .02,

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