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jeff, you got scammed by them too?

wow, i knew them. well, didn't KNOW them, but i had met them in vegas a few years ago under the names of mark and nacy shae.

they used to offer design services and webmaster services to people in the "adult" community of the web. they were raking in fortunes. then they stopped actually providing the service. they were getting paid up front, then just keeping the money. once word got around abotu them not fullfilling thier end of the deal, people started making calls, and getting hot under the color, wanting thier money back. we're talking big money here.

well nancy said that mark had died of cancer, and that was why they weren't providing the services that had been paid for. she played a perfect act, and got people to start sending her money to help support herself and the kids, and to help pay for marks funeral. then she dissapeared.

a while later, a new company popped up, based in a new city. some webmasters recognized the new website as being thier style of design, and started doing some detective work. made some calls, and recognized both nanies AND marks voices on the phone! turns out mark was dead at all, jsut part of the scam.

so after a few months, when they had plenty of evidence they notified the original detective from the first case, and took off to go arrest them. the detective notified the local police to go watch the house, to makesure they didn't leave before he got there.

so, what did the locals do? oh they called there and talked to nancy on the phone, giving them pre-warning that the detective was on the way, and they were not to leave!

wehn the detective shwoed up, nancy was long gone with the kids, and mark was dead in the garage. they found nancy two days later at her sisters house. she said that mark told her to take the kids and go, and he would follow shortly, after gathering computers and money from the house. but instead he went in the garge, and started up the car, killling himself via carbon monoxide poisoning.

the ironic thing was that previously the first scam ended by them faking marks death, and the second scam ended by him commiting suicide!

sorry to hear you got burned by them too. i know about 30 people that burned by them in thier first go around out of arizona.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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