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Good mawnin’, Perry, Rick, and all of TRT!

Coffee is on. Oh, I will offer up proper food for winter breakfast, hot chocolate, hot, large, hot muffins, oatmeat, orange, sections, nanners, and apples. Raisins, dates, brown sugar, and cinnamon to go in your oatmeal if you like.

Whoa! It’s unusual for Hack in already. Must have something to do with getting Nate to work on time.

Perry, it’s good to see you! It’s also good that you know the standards at your job. That’s the way to get things going in tye right direction…for everypne to know what the standards are. I hope you’re out of that house soon.n enjoy the snow when it comes

Rick, that must’ve been a beautiful site to experience the sunshine briefly just before things closed up again. Hope you enjoy your snow, as well.

Vinnie, how did that massive storm turn out last night?

Jeff, so good to hear from you about things going on in your life.
I hope you get good results at the pain doctor tomorrow! That would make things so much easier for you. If I understand correctly, pain dock is right next to where you pick up your new foster. Poor little guy must be really confused and sad. Yep, your tribe of doggies will help that foster feel loved, and help him get over his loss. It will be lucky to be in your care.
With all that going on, I hope the snow is such that it doesn’t make your travel treacherous.

Rain, rain, rain is what we have today. It’s currently 40°, so that’s not so bad.
Poor Sophie girl is having a hard time dealing with the fact that it’s not safe for her to go up on her tall cat tree anymore. She gets up there and doesn’t have a safe jump down. Her cat tree is something that needs to be picked up to be moved, which I can’t do. So I put a stable camping chair in front. Yesterday morning before I put the chair in front, she sat in the sunroom floor and she just looked at her cat tree for a couple minutes. I know she misses it. Tomorrow I plan to get her a shorter cat tree.
She doesn’t have any trouble getting up on the dining room table. Ha ha ha.

And there is Hack!

Lots of love and hugs to and peace to everyone!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts