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Morning all,
Wet snow showed up overnite and is continuing so far today,. Rumors of 3-6”,, but is so wet n fluffy ( perfect snowball snow if ya like em packed HARD, heheh), it is a “looker” but a boot smooshes it down to nothin’ish.

Cath, pain doc office and surgery center are next to each other ,, the usual meet spot with Doxie rescue rep is a few stop lights away,,

German Shepherd breeder posted 2wkold puppy pics,, will share them below . 2 males, so my pick will be “easy”,, 50/50 choices . Way too soon to choose or have an idea on how they will turn out to look/act now, but I’m leaning towards the “sparkly blue” collar ( ribbon) fella. Think he was born early on and think he is the bigger of the two males🤷🏻‍♂️🤔.
5 more weeks and I go and meet n greet em and pick👍🏼.

Dunno what is on the docket for the day, Took a chance just before daybreak with a in town grub store run for a few things,, the rest of the day just needs to get something slotted in for busywork.

Hope everyone is having a great day👍🏼

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