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Hi everyone, recently I upgraded the lights in my tank. However, two weeks after I added the new lights to my tank, I start having an algae outbreak. I am thinking that my tank is been shocked by the change in lights. Is this something normal? I have checked my Nitrates, and they went from been at 20 ppm to 0 ppm since I change the lights. About the phosphates, I don’t have a way to check them, but I expect to get a test kit in the next day. I hope that you could help me to clarify what is happening with my tank because yesterday I spend two hours cleaning the walls and sand.

The original lights in my tank were two fluorescent lights rated at 15W each, and they were a 50/50. I changed the lights to an Aqualife T5 HO 4-Lamp. Here is the link to the product.

Tank Specs
  • 55 Gals
  • 30 Gals sump
  • 2 Striped Damsels
  • 2 Clown fish
  • 60 lb of liverock (Spread between the main tank and the sump)
  • Reef Octopus Skimmer
  • 50lb Live Sand in sump and main tank
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