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ahhhh nothing like a good tear jerker at the end of the day. powerful stuff there andy thanks!

i especially like the photos of soldiers with kids. i wont go into detail here, but one of my missions in desert storm was to "cleanup" a grammar school in kuwait that had been bombed. always brings me to tears when i see soldiers with children.

btw: brown trout i was a medic too in the army. started out as a medic, then went on to become a ranger and upgraded to special forces medic. at the end of my tour, i served my last year as a drill sergeant :D and THAT was probably the most fun, and in many ways, the most rewarding... turning sorry sacks of maggot crap into soldiers.

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Andy, Thank You, that brought me too tears and speechless. Yah it happens.
I ame from an army family, but over hthe years I have counted among my friends army , coastie, Marine, airforce, and navy, there was always the rivalry, but I dont regret a one, always glad to have a pro at my back, and I got yours.
After we straighten out the world we will straighten out our selves :)
But seriously My heart felt thanks goes out to all the current military personell , at home or on deployment, God Speed, and to all those who have gone before, may gods blessing smile upon you and yours. You know God has a special place in his heart for Spec Op soldiers, cause the Devil wants there *** so bad. HOOYAH

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We lost 4 Marines in Karbala today and a 5th military member trying to save them...

God bless them, God bless America, and God shove a lightning bolt up Arafaht's butt as he condems terrorist attacks completely....
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