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These guys have been growing for some time in my tank and slowly multiplying. I've seen them in other tanks on the net, but never what they are. Any help is appreciated.
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And while I'm asking

There are these guys too. I'm afraid they're majano anemones. I got them on a rock of zoanthids and they are quite pretty, but now I see one sticking out between the polyps of my candy coral.
Darn, the download degraded the (already poor)picture. They have fluorescent green with pink tip tentacles.
The first one is probably Neomeris annulata a calcium based algae.
Yep I agree ...first one is neomeris. Second one definately could be majano. We need a little bit closer up pic. Time to make some kalk paste if it is majano!
the second looks like manjo...and the first one is that alge they said above
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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