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White spiral spots on tank walls and rock??

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I recently started to notice, these white spiral things growing on my tank glass and on my live rock. They are about 1 mm in diameter, some are bigger and some are smaller. I also noticed what looked like "a white cloud" coming out of it. Sort of looks like a feather duster. Are they good or bad? Should i scrape them off of everythign? Any medicine i can use to get them off if it is needed. Or should i just leave them on there???
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I have tons of Spirorbis in my tank and from what I found by researching they're nothing to worry about, I've noticed from the Spirorbis in my tank they tend to stay in the shade, don't know anything about what Nate mentioned but look into them, would love to see a picture of'um said:
Serpulidae is a family of sessile, tube-building annelid worms in the class Polychaeta. The members of this family differ from the sabellid tube worms in that they have a specialized operculum that blocks the entrance of their tubes when they withdraw into the tubes. In addition, serpulids secrete tubes of calcium carbonate. There are about 300 known species in the Serpulidae family, all but one of which live in saline waters. The group is known from the Middle Triassic (Vinn and Mutvei 2009).
Spirorbis (I have lots of these)

Pileolaria (maybe, not really sure on that one)
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I have a lot of the first picture! so nothing to worry about? Sweet.
And the second one i have one or two of those. Thanks
Ive got thousands of Spirorbis in my tank with no issues.
Ive got thousands of Spirorbis in my tank with no issues.
Same here
I think the only negative thing they do is take calcium out of the water column to build their shells, which means less for your corals, but
I agree I have thousands and they don't do any direct harm
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