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Where did it go?

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Ok, I must be nuts.

I could have sworn in the last half hour I put up a new thread about the contest winners and who are they?

Now that thread is gone. Are the thread god censoring me? Or am I just blind? lol
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Maybe I should start a "where are the winners" thread so we have a 50-50 chance of one surviving!!:funny:
Lise, did you do like I do ALOT, type in reply in quick reply section, then hit the go button rather than submit, then move on to something else with out checking to see if it posted? I hate when I do that, if you catch it quick you can use back to save rather than redo it. Also I find the go feature on the Netscape toolbar handy to get back to where I went wrong. I like that a lot better than the history list in IE
As far as the contest, I haven't heard anything, I know the bulletin came out a day later than usual, so I assumed that Brooke and Jon were busy, I havent seen either on in a few days
No Doug, I posted a new was read 6 times then it just disappeared...vanished, not moved, not archived. I did a search and no's gone.
I don't know. . . I tried to access Lise's thread in question from the home page and got an error that said I wasn't allowed to view this page. . . :confused:
see.. I'm not nuts LOL

I hope we are not having a problem with threads being accidently deleted.
How hard can it be!!!!!:confused: :funny:
Sounds like it's been moved to the admin forum... ???
Cyberchef meaning? Is it under review?:confused: ;)
And why would that be?
I'm not an administrator so I don't know... lol

Doug, err um Mr Moderator.. is it there??? :D
The case of the "Phantom thread"!!:funny: :funny: :funny:
nice back out job cyberchef LOL
I just happen to know that, that is one of the reasons that particular message will pop up. Also since I never axctually saw/read the post I can't even guess. Was this a TRT contest or a contest you were having?
Well hmmmmmmmm , it wasnt in admin , I looked when I first replied to the thread.
Jenn, can you post the url of the page you werent allowed to view?
I am not really up on the tech side of the board but I will try and solve this
We moved the thread until we decide on the contest winners. To be honest we are very disapointed with the turnout on the contest, with only 9 entries. We will announce the winners today.

Thank you
The winners are announced Here Congrats to the winners, the Smith's and Johnny
OMG!!! I forgot about the contest. There was just one small mistake. I WROTE THAT HAIKU!!! I never thought it would win me anything, and I still don't know what exactly we won. Thank you so much. Special thanks go out to my wife who had enough faith in my haiku talent to dig up my old post from a previous contest that was cancelled.

Congrats to you too Johnny! Your entry was great!

Thanks again!

One more thing. We will take great care of the Yugo. I will give her a bath and an oil change before we return her. :)
Oh so you got the staff Yugo, well shoot, now that i am going back to work, I am up the creek, and you won my paddle :D
Congrats you two and Johnnie as well :)
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