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The opinion of a complete novice!

I have no idea what the most expensive rock is around here, as I have a "personal shopper" for that (his name is Geoff, and I rent him out if the price is right...:D).

But I do know what I like - similar to Jay, I like porous rock, with holes and tunnels and stuff. But unlike Jay, I like mine to have all the hitchhikers I can get - tiny mussels, feather dusters, brittle stars, snails, sponges, etc. I love looking in the tank and seeing something that I didn't even know was there before!

And yes, I own three "Where's Waldo" books...:funny:

As for shapes, I also like the look of the arches and ledges/bridges I have seen in other tanks. Geoff has used some of the clumpier pieces to make larger caves as well.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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