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LFS live rock prices can be higher simply because they maybe buying it from an importer and wholesaler. The more hands that touch the rock the higher the end price will be. I have seen it as high as $14/ lb. It was nicely covered with coralline and other "hitchhikers".

If all you want is low priced reef rock buy the dead stuff and buy a coralline booster pack from IPSF and just wait. It will eventually get covered. (a year or so under good conditions) But I just don't see many reef tank owners who can wait that look for their tank to change.

To me the ugliest thing is white, dead rock. The pink and purple coralline is what enhances the colors of the coral and fish in a tank.

For shape I like Marshall Island and Tonga Slab.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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