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What Was That!!!!

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we have 2 hitchhiker crabs in our tank that we love to look at after dark. Theyre always out and about cleaning the rocks.
last night i was watching them and suddenly out of a hole near the larger crab there was this little electric blue flash in the shape of an upside down horseshoe. the crabs quickly hitailed it out of the area. i continued to look for it later that night but didnt see it again :eek:

are there phosphorescent(sp) creatures that live in live rock?
was i seeing things last night?
do you think it was good or bad?

any help would be appreciated.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts gonna go with aliens on this one....
if i hadnt seen it with my own eyes i would have thought i was up too late and seeing things, but the way my crabs just took off, it was definately something in the rock!
Hmmmmmmmm the only thing I can think of thats electric blue is the sparking Flame Scallops. Mantis shrimp evoke that kind of fear reaction :(
please dont say mantis!!!

so chances are its a nasty???
I would say treat it as nasty and just keep a close eye on the spot you saw it flash from and see what develops! :)
and don't put your fingers in that hole!!!! :idea:
i vote for electric flame scallops. sounds exaclty like what you described. specially the color and shape of the spark. could be a baby.
I had a electice flame, I loved it, till it got cooked in the great tank cookage of may 2003
thanks for the feedback guys, ill keep my eyes open

one good thing, i saw both crabs again tonight, happily eating.
Papparazzi shrimp?:eek: :eek: :idea: :funny: :funny: :funny:
yhe one thing i love most about this place is i usually leave laughing:) thanks guys:)
where is your LR from? back when caribean LR was the norm, i used to get all kinds of phosphorescent worms. they would come out at night and flash. they would flash again a minute or two later. they were very difficult to see. the secound any light got near them they would duck into their holes in the LR. i have not seen any of them with all of my Figi LR.

ours is all Fiji rock,

whatever it was its keeping a low profile, i couldnt find it last night, i did however find that my hitchhiker crab pop is actually closer to 4 (2 biggies, 1 med, 1 small) im sure there are more too.

i hope these guys are good crabs, they are bigger than my hermit and my odd emerald.
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