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What to stock a 46 with

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Well, whatever went through my 46, went through fast....3 days, took 5 fish with it. Water testing out great. Temp and SG are stable as ever. Now I'm going to keep dosing the tank with Marine Max for the next few weeks, and hopefully introduce the first fish back into the system. I was going to start off with a pair of Occelaris or Percs. My wife likes clowns, so I want to do that first. Next, depending on the pod population, I was going to get another watchman goby. Now, Hopefully that leaves me with enough room to add a couple more fish. What would you all recommend? I'd like to get a fish that isn't very timid, and will swim throughout the tank. The clowns I had before pretty much stayed to one side, and the watchman goby is usually only seen with the actinics on. Give me a suggestion, I've run out of ideas for now.:beer:
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manderson0805 said:
Well, whatever went through my 46, went through fast....3 days, took 5 fish with it.
I'd leave the tank without fish for awhile. If it was a parasite like Velvet (amyloodium), you need to let it die out without any hosts. Velvet will kill fish in a few days... very nasty.

Any idea what happened?
When your tank is ready, you might consider a royal gramma as the final fish. There isn't anything prettier, and, they are not too shy or too aggressive.

In my 55 I keep a pair of oscellaris clowns, a royal gramma, a yellow watchman, six-line, chalk bass, and a 'red scooter' dragonet. I'm planning to trade in the chalkbass and the dragonet as I think the tank is overcrowded.

In my sisters 40, we keep only 3 fish which seems right, stockingwise-a flame angel, a neon dottyback and a yellow tail damsel.

You might want to reconsider 5 in your tank - I think you will find it just too crowded and that the fish will have difficulty adjusting with so many vying for so little space. As has already been advised, wait awhile before adding any more fish. If your tank is new (less than a year old) go VERY carefully and stay away from fish that are known to be delicate. Don't try to get all the fish at one time either-give a couple weeks between fish to allow the tank time to adjust. If you are not already planning it, a quarantine tank would be a very good idea. At the very least you should give all new fish a freshwater dip to help eliminate parasites before adding them to the main tank. GL
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Did the fish show signs of lesions, sores or hemorraging? If so, they might have been infected with a species of Vibrio, some are more lethal than others and can kill quickly.

If they were gasping for air, had distended gills, clamped fins and had a heavy slime coat, it could have been Brooklynella; also a quick killer.

In any case, I would highly recommend that you do not introduce any new fish into your aquarium for 30 days. Better to wait than to give these, or any diseases, new host on which to multiply.

They started off with an ich type of a problem, followed quickly by finrot, and loss of balance and swimming. Usually only took a day for them to go from healthy and eating to dead. I plan on letting the tank sit for 4 to 6 weeks, and slowly add fish back into the tank. Anyone else ever use Marine Max?
What is Marine Max? Is it some kind of med?
more a vitamin and anti oxidant....also helps defend against parasitic attacks
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