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What to do with a 7-8 inch Passer Angelfish...

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Hi everyone. My first post here. I bought a 150 FOWLR tank from a nice lady and she had a couple fish in there. The Snowflake Eel was easy to find a new home, the huge Blue Hippo is in a quarantine tank, the 5 inch Clownfish is with the Tang, and the Passer Angel is all by himself in a different quarantine tank.

I love this fish but I am sure he would make a meal out of all my corals and my 7 inch Crocea clam that I have transferred from my old 60 gallon to my new 150 reef tank.

The LFS will only do a trade once he sells from there for a small portion of what he sells for. I am just wondering what people do in this case.

He is super healthy and always hungry!

Here is a small pic taken with my iphone (sorry for the quality) with a small coral beauty (3-3.5 inch) on the side.


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You could put him up on craigslist. Someone would eventually take him. Pretty fish though, if I had a fish like that I would devote a tank just to him.
Thanks! Yeah I have had him on CL for a little over a month with only a couple of responses. He is a great fish but I have a 60 gallon that he is way too big for, a 6 gallon nano, and my 150 reef.

I will just keep him up there and maybe the right person will come along. :)
Reach out to all the aquaculture/wholesale places in your area. I know there are literally dozens in the orlando area. Im sure they will take him and probably give you more than the LFS.

If its ok with you I know quite a few people running aquaculture and wholesale places in orlando. If you would like I can ask them if they would be interested. If so just let me know how much you are asking for it and I will email/call them.
Thanks for the help. I just want to make sure he finds a good home here shortly. The small 55 gallon that I have him in is not even close to the right size for him even temporarily.
how much are you looking to get for him? is he eating good?
He eats like a horse. He is actually up at my LFS on consignment. I hope he can find a good home.
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