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in general they are harmless, but there are several species that will eat various corals. they seem to be species specific. as in if it eats corals it eat a certain kind of coral. it is a good thing you found it on the glass. this means that either it is an film algae eating Asterine or it is a coral eating one that can not find it host food source. if this is the case it will just starve on its own. my guess is that it is the algae film eating one.

Will harlequin shrimp eat those little starfish? Cause I too am tierd of buying the chocolate chip stars for mine. You must at mit it is fun to watch them tear into that starfish and drag it around the tank. lol
they can, but it takes a whole lot of them to feed the shrimp. if the tank is large enough and the algae is growing well enough then yes you can use Asterina's for food.

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