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I’m was just thinking about the methods we use to check our salinity, how competent are we are , no matter the tool you use.
With all the different things available to us in the hobby do you feel competent in what you use?
I have used a wide variety of thing over the years from glass hydrometers , plastic dip style, probes, refractors Hanna or some other type available these day.
For me I have an old Milwaukee refractor I purchased about 20 years ago and a instant ocean , coralife deep 6 and a few other plastic dip hydrometers. I completely trust the refractor and it’s been consistent, the plastic hydrometers read all over the place except the instant ocean in photo below but is not what I found from most instant ocean hydrometers. The coralife is the worst I have found to date. I have found the probes on most monitors and controllers to be accurate on the ones I have used in the past, pinpoint, apex, Milwaukee but can drift over time and need to be replaced.
If you look at the photo of the deep six you will see where I did the marks to correct it to 1.021 the salinity I kept my seahorse fry in year’s ago.

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COOL thread to bring up every once n a while Vinnie..... 👍

I have the Instant Ocean 'plastic' hydrometer, as well as a refractometer from PetCo, Imagitrium Refractometer.
I bounce between the 2 on a regular bases to keep them on the ball.......My preference is the hydrometer.....just like a pair of comfy jeans....nothing fancy, but I'm comfortable. I've NEVER had them not in agreement.
("Back in the 80's when I got my 1st Instant Ocean hydrometer, which I've used till quite recently when it finally gave up the ghost, had raised increments on it that were then ones are only 'printed' on it.....just harder to see without me glasses.")
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