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After battling a major algae problem for two months, my tank is finnally stable and I want to introduce some fish. Im looking for the perfect combination of fish that have character and personality. Im also looking for something exotic and not so common.

My tank is only 50 gallons, so my bio load probably isnt that much which is why I want to choose hte perfect fish. What would you guys recommend?

Ive thought about the following fish but would like to know if there are problems with keeping these in a reef.

Coral Beauty, flame angel, blue tang, mated pair of clowns, or wrasses (are these reef safe?).

How about eels? what kind of problems can I encounter with a snowflake eel or ribbon eel. I successfully kept both of these species in a non reef environment, but what problems can occur in a reef? Ive read about the difficulties with feeding the ribbon eel, but I never had this problem with mine.

ANy suggestions would be great!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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