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What Kind Of Fish Can I Get For A 25 Gallon!!!

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I want to add a couple of fish to my 25 gallon tank. Something that is pretty easy to take care of with lots of colour!


Can someone name a few different types has to be reef safe for the anemones and corals?

I have so far 2 blue chromis, 1 pep clown, 1 tomato clown, 1 Flame Hawk.

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Although you might consider taking back the Tomato clown and the Flame Hawk. Both of these are going to get fairly large; the Tomato is going to be aggressive, especially with your Percula and the Flame Hawk more than likely will eat any shrimp you might want to have in the tank.

If you take them back, you could add a couple of fish. Firefish, 6-line wrasse, Royal Gramma, yellow or green clown goby. All of these stay smaller and are reef friendly. You could add more than one firefish, but the others are one per tank.

Something to think about.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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