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What is your "oldest" fish?

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In August we will have had our dottyback and banggai's for two years. We've also had our copperband, foxface and flagfin for over a year. I'm happy with the longevity our fish are showing. I know this is nothing compared to some of you that have been in the hobby for awhile....

Now is your chance to brag. How long have some of you kept your fish?
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well seeing how ive been at it for 1 1/2 yrs that makes my oldest sw fish 1 yr old...i do have a 15yr old oscar at my parent though....although fw doesnt count
Brooke maybe you should have said "what's your oldest living critter in your tank?" I have a sea urchin that I know is over three years old! Had him in my old 72 bowfront tank! Tough dude to live in my tank! Be nice Clint!:D
she asked whats your oldest fish......
So------------------------!!! :funny:
hmmm, reef tank,,prob my yellow tang 5-6 yrs,,,
in my FO:either my snowflake eel,,14 yrs+
or my Mexican Dragon Eel,,,,16yrs+
can't narrow it down, cuz i never log a darn thing,,,but i had the snowflake when i had the shop, so that how i came to the age,and the dragon was b4 that,,,,,

oldest fish keeper,,(you know what i mean:p ) win anything?
you know me,,,gotta ask!;) :D LOL
Wait a minute! You older than me Jeff?:D
MontanaRocknReefer said:
Wait a minute! You older than me Jeff?:D
LOL ,I knew i would get a comment from you ,Johnny, or at least Jerel LMAO

ya know,,,i meant the "oldest fish" keeper .or more like keeper of the oldest fish,,,,,
ya got me beat by a Few years there Johnny,put hold on,,i think i'm catchin up to ya! LOL
lets see, i think my Kole tang is 4+ years old. i had a personally collected blenny live 3+ also. now if we are talking critters. i have a pencil urchin that is close to 12yrs. i think i got him on one of my first batches of caribbean LR, back when they used to sell the stuff everywhere.

FW-i had a dwarf pleco for over 15yrs. a rafael cat for 10.

i have found, if i can keep the critter alive for more than a month, i will have it for several years.

Although I have only had my tank for a little over a year the percula clown that came with it is about 3 an a half years old.
MontanaRocknReefer said:
Wait a minute! You older than me Jeff?:D
Old reef keepers never die, they just smell that way... :D
Sailfin tang bought 8-95
Yellow tang bought 8-97
yellow watchman gobie 2-97
purple tang 12-98
My youngest fish is a hippo tang 8-00
I had my assortment for most of 3 years when a pump failed and zapped them all at once :( Had a Coral Beauty, pair of Tomato Clowns, PJ cardinal (2 yrs) and a pair of engineer gobies 18 months. Before that I never kept track - but we've managed to keep several fish for several years. I pay a bit more attention nowadays.

My corals were miffed but survived. Moved them to another tank and they are doing fine.

We have a customer who had a regal tang (hippo tang...) for 22 years!! (We're not worthy.....). I have another customer whose had her pair of percs for 12 years ("They refuse to die!"). I have a pair of regals that were traded to me by a hobbyist who says she had them for 4 years, I've had them for one year.

tdwyatt said:
Old reef keepers never die, they just smell that way... :D
Ya got that right Tom,,,,:funny:
you've seen my bumper sticker i see,,,,,;) :funny: :funny:
Keeping fish just a year or two is a real shame. They can live a very long time with quarantine, good water quality, a varied diet supplimented with vitamins and research to know their compatability and needs BEFORE purchase. I had a lionfish, panther grouper and Huma huma trigger for 14 years and lost them when I went through a divorce. Right now I have a false perc, scopus tang, foxface and marine betta that are all over ten years. My mandarin is six, royal grammas six and flame angel is almost six. All of my current fish share the same tank. The only newbie that I have is a dragon goby to clean my sand and I have only had it about 6 months.
Terry B
TerryB10 said:
Keeping fish just a year or two is a real shame.
I think it's a good accomplishment. Sad...but true that the majority of people can't keep fish alive that long. The fact that these fish have passed the critical points and are still alive should mean they will live for many years.
3 year old Blue Devil damsel. I kind of agree with Terry. It could be that we are getting responses from people that haven't lost many fish, but also haven't been in the hobby for long.
My Tomato Clown has been irritating me for a good 11 years or so.

Since I am fairly new to the hobby...2 years...

I've had my Tomato Clown and Scooter Blenny since the "beginning." I've since added 2 Green Chromis (1 year), and 1 sailfin tang (1 year, traded to give it a bigger home). I've had one rock aneneme for about 1 1/2 years...and traded several condy's in/out (they get too big for my tank) for "Tommi."

I have a bi-color blenny, 2 peppermint shrimp and ???goby--I've had them for about 6 mos.
hmm well my coral beauty, blue damsel, and green chromis are all alive and kickin since february :funny:

fw: my oscars were 8 and 9 when they died. my albino irridescant sharks are about 5 and my black irridescant is 4. i know it's fw, but the irridescants are supposedly hard to keep alive and grow large. mine are roughly 8-9" long now, and bought when they were less than an inch long each.
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