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ShirleyM said:
Zo- OX -an-THEL-ee

primary accent on THEL, secondary accent on OX. Zo has long o, not pronounced "Zoo"
Heh I smell an open can of worms...

I've always pronounced it...


X sounds like z.

Perhaps on a good day I make a long O sound - Zo-zan-THEL-lee

Or even Zo-zan-THEL-lay.

Chromis: I'm guilty of saying "Cromie", but I belive it's "Crome-iss" I usually (and probably erroneously, simply out of habit..) refer to a single "Cromie" but a school of "Cromiss"

Now, if you really wanna giggle, I've heard some pretty interesting pronounciations of "Wrasse"....

Rassie, Rasp... War-asse and the ever-popular War-assie...... I think Rassie is my favourite, as it's usually discussed in a sentence with a LOT of foibles... Assitinic (actinic), Metal Hamide, Metal Hydride..... OMG some days it's hard to keep a straight face.... Recently I had somebody come in looking for an Amanenemy too...



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One entry found for zooxanthella.
Main Entry: zo·o·xan·thel·la
Pronunciation: "zO-&-zan-'the-l&
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural zo·o·xan·thel·lae /-(")lE/
Etymology: New Latin, from zo- + xanth- + -ella (diminutive suffix)
Date: circa 1891
: any of various symbiotic dinoflagellates that live within the cells of other organisms (as reef-building coral polyps)
thu its Zozanthella

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Hmmmm...I pronounce it zoe-zan-THELLY

And then there's the everpopular gonipora :D gon-IP-ora? gon-i-PORA?

Latin is dead and I'm glad ;) LOL


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I pronounce Zooxanthellae like this, I think hehe. Zoo an thal ia make any sense.

I am having way to much fun reading all this :funny:

Tell me how many peps pronounce coralline algae as caroline :funny:

I often just point at stuff and ask what it is even if I already know, so many people pronounce the same things 2-3 different ways.
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