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In my 46 I have had a few favorites like six line wrasse, pink streaked wrasse, neon goby, cherub angelfish (mine didn't touch my coral at all), banggai cardinalfish, blue eye cardinalfish, gold lined cardinalfish, ... ok that's all I can remember lol. You might be able to fit anotherfish or 2 in ur 50 as long as u have good oxygenation. I have 9 fish in my 46 right now such as 2 clownfish (who are breeding), 1 banggai cardinal, 1 royal gramma, 3 chromis, 1 pink streaked wrasse, and 1 green clown goby. And of ourse a cleaner shrimp but I don't really count that :) Just add slow and add fish according to temperament and u should be ok.
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