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What do I have?

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I got this from a local frag place that had it in a 10Gallon tank with some algae and pipe fish. I have no clue what sex nor species it is. I looked alot and think maybe Kuda?

reefchief (dot) us/sites/default/files/Seahorse001.jpg

take out the spaces around the (dot)

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I don't have enough posts to add a link or picture yet so when I do I'll fix it, otherwise

You need to take out the (dot) and the spaces around it, and replace it with a period, when you paste it into your browser.

Thanks for the assistance.

It's kinda hard to get the cam to focus in the tank to the right spot. :( I have other pics I just took if anyone is interested in helping, just let me know your email to send them to.
it looks to me like a male and you could be right about it being a kuda or it could rainbow brumby. Have a look to see if it has a pouch if so a male females have ridges all the way down the front of the body males have ridges half way down then smooth out for the pouch. Hope this helps

Rainbow Brumby (Hippocampus angustus).
I had never heard of that one so I though I would post a pic and scientific name for you.

I am not sure so I hope this helps.
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I have had a male rainbow brumby and it was beautiful but the tank wasn't set up right and he passed away. I have 2 female zebra nosed (barbouri) who have great personalities.
Usual seahorse identification will focus on 4 main parts, the snout, coronet, belly, and dorsal fin. I am sorry i can't help right now, my seahorse material is in storage.
Well I dono everyone has a different opinion about what it is. And for those who need scientific names I thought it was a Hippocampus kuda, also known as the common seahorse, which is a member of the family Syngnathidae of the order Syngnathiformes.

I have been told by SeahorseSource though they think it's a Hippocampus erectus, also known as the Lined seahorse, which is a member of the family Syngnathidae of the order Hippocampinae. I dono it gets along with everything in the tank and is doing very well, it eats everything so it's all good. I have determined it's a boy though so I am looking for females now if anyone knows where I can ge some resonably priced.
It is an erectus, southern variety.

Not sure it is a boy from that pic. Seahorsesource is a great place to find a reasonably priced mate.

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