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Hey everyone, happy hump day

I noticed last night my feather dusters fan was significantly shorter. It's fully extended, and only has about a 3/4 inch fan now. It used to be huge, about 2.5 inches.

I have heard of hermits and emerald crabs messing with their tubes...

I have a 40g breeder
Parameters are perfect
A tiny yellow tang (in before tang police)
Two mated clowns
A porcupine puffer (again, before police bash me)
A Mandarin goby
A lawnmower blenny
A fire shrimp
2 turbo snails
A margarita snail
And maybe 5 hermits? Not sure how many, I see them chewed up by my puffer occasionally

I have a couple softies and some hammers and a nem in good health.

I've had the dang duster for 2 months and this is the first problem. He's rooted on a rock hanging off the front out of reach of any crawlers.
Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts