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· Ughhh.. Dinoflagelettes..
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29 gallon reef with 20 gallon sump

2 150 watt Ebo-Jager Heaters

Mag-5 for return

three small powerheads

Red Sea Berlin Xl skimmer

Retrofit hood
2 55watt 10,000K PC's
1 20 Watt Actnic NO
1 20 Watt 18,000K NO

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55 gallon AGA fowlr
Aqua Clear Aquatics Model 75 wet/dry filter (5 gallon sump)
Aqua Clear Aquatics Cap2800 return pump (850 gph / 600gph w/4' head)
Aqua Clear Aquatics Model P75 protein skimmer
Rio 600 venturi pump for skimmer
Two Hagen Aquaclear power heads model 402 (270gph each)
Two Acura 1000 submersible heaters (200w each)
35 lbs Hawaiian rock
25 lbs Fiji rock
40 lbs medium grain crushed aragonite gravel
Instant Ocean salt mix
Two 46.5" VHO Uri Super Actinic White ((2x110w)
One 48" NO Coralife 10,000 K daylight bulb (40w)
One 48" NO Hagen Marine-Glo 03 actinic blue (40w)
custom stand
custom canopy
stockman standpipe in HOT style overflow

Tank2 (in process)
75 gallon AGA reef
29 gallon sump
20 gallon refugium
unown return pump at the moment
DIY protein skimmer
unknown skimmer pump at the moment
CLS with unknown pump at the moment
unknown heater at the moment
100lbs rock. unknown type at the moment
200 lbs southdown in display tank
50 lbs southdown in refugium
Instant Ocean salt mix
Two 48" VHO Uri Actinic 03 blue (2x110w) (display)
One 48" VHO Uri 10,000 K daylight bulb (110w) (display)
One 48" VHO Uri Super Actinic White (110w)(display)
One 30" NO actinic 03 blue (30w) (refugium)
One 30" NO 6.5k daylight bulb (30w) (refugium)
custom stand
custom canopy

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37 gallon show
35lbs of Fiji Live Rock
3.5" Live Sand Bed
2 20" 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/ Quad 50/50 -Square Pin
75 Wet Dry Trickle Filter w/CAP2200 Return Pump (5 Gallon Sump)
AquaC EV-90 Protein Skimmer w/Mag 5 pump
2 3020 Powerheads
**(Coming Soon) 10 Gallon Refugium w/ 4" Live Sand Bed, 10lbs of Fiji Rock


· Banggai Mommy
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Tank #1: softies and clams (weird combo, I know.)
135 g Oceanic (I think), drilled
Custom stand and canopy
3 x 250W 6500K Iwasaki MH
2 6' 120W? VHO actinic supplementation
Berlin classic skimmer
3 Maxijet 1200s on a WaveMaster
30g sump
Gen-X return pump
20g refugium with 6" DSB, macro, etc
Main tank has 5" DSB, 350 lbs LR
Won-Pro heater (don't remember details)
2 4" canopy-mounted fans

Tank #2: Banggai breeding, frags, bryopsis and flatworms :mad:
Custom (DIY by me) oak canopy (cheap iron stand)
2 x 55W PC
CPR Bakpack skimmer w/ Maxijet mod
2 Minijet 606s
40 lbs LR
Very live 3" DSB


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75 gal Drilled back/top left
Custom acrylic sump/fuge
Beckett skimmer(like MR-1) w/mag12
Custom single stage Ca reactor
12 gal auto top off w/float switch
Return Pump: Iwaki 30rxlt
Wavemaster Pro with 4 MJ1200
DIY lighting: 2-Iwasaki 250W 6500K and 2-110W VHO
Won Titanium Heater
X-10 Outlets with Mini Timer

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80 gallon reef tank
Remora Pro Hang-on Skimmer
125lbs of Fiji LR
25lbs of Tonga Branch LR
5-6" DSB
3 Powerheads

Lighting: Two 250ww MH 10,000k german bulbs and 2- 96ww PC's actinic 03 bulbs! Two fans built in to a custom made hood which is hanging about 7" from the water!

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55gallon seaclear acrylic tank,
20 gallon rubbermaid sump,
home made stand and canopy,
Aquamedic t1000 skimmer w/ ocean runner pump for needle wheel and maxijet 1200 to pump water thru it,
ebo jager heaters, 150w and 200w
maxijet 1200 ph in the tank for flow
mag 700 for return from the sump
hellolights 440w vho retrofit and 2 30w no's overdriven to 60w
home made nurce type top off

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Approx 300 GAL SYSTEM consisting of a 120 AGA, a 90 AGA , 2- 35 gal rubbermade sumps, a 15 gal refuge, an aquafuge 12 " , a 50 gal sterilite fuge and a 50 sterilite waterchange out / extra water volume tub.

2- 400 MH 20k radiums on dual HQI PFO ballast.
1- 400 MH 65k Iwasaki on PFO ballast.
2- 175 MH 10k on PFO ballasts.
6- 55 PC's .
1- 75 VHO.
2- Mag 36
1- Mag 24
1- Mag 18
2- Mag 9.5
1- Mag 2
2- Mag 5
8- Maxijets
2- wavemaster pros
1- korallin 1501 Ca reactor w/ Co2/pump
1- 1/3 hp power cooler chiller.
2- cooling fans.
1- 5 gal nalgene kalk dripper.
1- Ampmaster 3000.
1-CPR SR6 Skimmer.
1- Refractometer
6- Sea Swirls
Kent RO/DI

Queen Angel
Yellow tang
Purple tang
Blue pinstripe wrasse.
Royal Gramma.
2 Blue damsel
black & white damsel
cherub angel.
Copperband Butterfly.
French Grunt.
About 100 sps corals.
and all the other critters, to many to mention.

· AKA Douglas Lowey
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225g tank.
-6ft. counter current skimmer.
-Large algae turf scrubber.
-2 400w Radiums w/Bluewave pulse start ballasts.
-1 400w Iwasaki w/PFO ballast.
-Titanium heater plus an Ebo back-up.
-Two Tunze 6080 stream pumps.
-Ocean Runner 3500 return pump.
-Saltwater Connection 500 single stage calcium reactor.
-Large 32in. by 6in. kalk reator, {when I use it}.

-A Visa card & an understanding wife.

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In progress:

120 gal tank with two corner overflows
~40 gal sump
Red Sea Pharm Protein Skimmer with Mag 7 pump
Return Pump is a Mag 12
2 Maxijet 900 for tank water movement
2 - 175 watt 10000K metal halides on PFO ballasts
2 - 20 watt NO blue fluorescents. This, I plan to upgrade soon.
In progress. DIY Nielsen Reactor.
Triton 3 Stage RO unit with a recent DI add-on.
Lights are controlled by a Radio Shack Controller unit.
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