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Jeff I have a LED spot lights outside and I love them!It's equal to 180 watts(2 90s) and not only much brighter and whiter ,but have 4 areas it lights(compaired to the two areas) and I think it's like 33watts.

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Good Morning Gang, Wow here is a lot going on to catch up on. Sorry to hear about the accelerated timetable Ray:( Dick sorry about your friend, at least you got to spend that last visit with him. I really dislike the part of aging where you lose more and more friends and family as time goes by:(
Jeff sounds like a great score on the lights, hope last urn goes OK for ya. Not sure what i get to do today. Looks like it may be a good burn day. I need to check with Rick and see if he is going back to Cal. It looks like he m be gone over the weekend so they are planning their Easter for the following week.
I am still waiting for my grandson to hook up with his friend so I can check out her digicam she's selling. Its a kodak, I have always had those so I have accessories and stuff, but I need a digi cam now,
Have a great day everyone, indie still getting the storm down there, it looks like we are clear for a bit

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indie still getting the storm down there, it looks like we are clear for a bit
Well it was pouring all night, then by 5am when I was leaving for the gym it was crystal clear not a cloud in the sky! Suppose to be sunny the rest of the week with it getting up the the 70's by this weekend :dance:

I'm more worried about the Weather in San Diego- we're going on Vacation the 13th thru the 20th, and right now it seems ominous... Wunderground is showing next week with rain and thunderstorms! It's an 8 hour drive from our house, and we're leaving 11pm with the hopes that the kids will sleep the majority of the time *crosses fingers*

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As Indi's title suggests, some are getting wet weather, and we're a little less dry overall than where George lives, but we're havein' a normal spring day....when it's sunny it's comfortable, but then the clouds roll in and the wind has a bite to it.
That's more than tolerable...the vid of that tornado passing throuogh/by Dallas Texas last night was some scary.

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good afternoon yall
well i didnt get blown away in the storm last night but boy it felt like we were going to go airborn a few times, the tarps did there job a didnt blow off there really tyed down lol gonna try to fix it this weekend still havent heard if the insurance if there going to pay on it or not .
well i didnt read all the thread sorry got busy so hope everyones ok . take care and see yall later

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'Evening, Everybody! :)

Funeral service this afternoon for my friend was heart-rending. Ed was 64 and died suddenly. The family is still in somewhat of a shock. His daughter read a letter from her and his son written for today as well as excerpts from his journal. How she got through that took a lot of strength for a small lady. No eyes were dry. There was a huge crowd and I stood in line outside the church for an hour for the receiving line. He will be sorely missed.

Other than that, it's been a good day.


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Dick sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like a good friend.

Ray that is just so far beyond the bounds of decency. Hope you get on track soon.

I am still hoping to find a place. Found out some details today that were not known before about a legal situation, and I can unload doubt from my mind. Now onwards with a much better attitude.

Got a buddy coming over late tonight. The used Pathfinder he bought has a loose wheel which has to be inside the hub assembly. Hopefully they just did a brake job without getting the retainer put on correctly and the nut came loose holding the bearing races. Gonna be a late night, but you gotta back your friends up.

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Evening everyone.
Dick, I am sorry for your loss.
Good luck with the fix Perry.
It's okay everyone, my wife informed me that they are "not really dating". They just meet like old friends for dinner then sit in the car and talk. But if anyone we know had seen them and asked she would have said old friends from school. I guess that makes it okay then. I think I am pretty much over her.
Cath, in medic school, I figured out that 9 times out of ten, those big words are a description of what is happening instead of why. -itis - inflammation. Capsulitis = inflammation of the capsule around the joint I would guess. Hope they can get it to behave.
Pat, glad the Tin box held up for you.
Glad it dried out for you Indie. Hope your trick works out well.
I know I missed a few. Hope everyone else has a good one. Chili on the stove for dinner. Be warned, if you have a sensitive stomach, it's a little spicy.
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