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Good mawnin', Indie, George, Vinnie, Ray, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the huge breakfast for us, George and Vinnie. Give Indie first go around since she's had a rough go of it with lack of sleep.

Indie - I hear ya on a close by gym. Mine's very close too.

Vinnie - Sorry to hear that Kristine and Shelby are feeling puny.

Ray - That's pretty crappy about your wife having a date! Somehow I'm sure you will rise up above it like a phoenix.

Ray - you beat me to the draw on hot cross buns. Yummmmmm

My left shoulder is giving me fits. I have adhesive capsulitis (fancy word for that it hurts like all get out). Now I have to figure out what junk to not include in my purse. ;)

Lots of love and hugs and peace to everyone.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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