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Thanks, George & Dave. Ed was a first class citizen with a lifetime of service to the people as a combat veteran and career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. I last saw him about a month ago at a surprise birthday party for his brother. I spent a long time talking with him so my last memories of him are happy ones.
Sorry about your loss of a good buddy Dick,and like you said, you had happy memories of the last time you were together(and prob swapping stories making that much more memorable:thumbup:)

I have adhesive capsulitis (fancy word for that it hurts like all get out).
Gotta luv those Docs down there Cath(tho I think you 'splained the daffynition of the big words for hurtin' like the dicken's)

Dunno what yer affliction is techically( but will quiz Blyth when she gets home shortly) ,but it don't sound minor on the OW! scale.

And FYI, not EVEN going anywhere near a comment about a BRW's purse, it just ain't healthy LOL.

Just hope you find relief, hurting is not a fun thing. Take it from one that knows:stars: :crap: .

Morning all :thumbup:
Midnite shift #4 is in the bag, one more tonite and it's long "weekend" time for this fella! :banana:

Kinda busy the last few days, one of those "flip stuff=make some quick:fistcash:" things popped up thru my buddy. He picked up 30-40 VERY nice($$) outside light fixtures (retails for $90+, he got 'em for $5 each ) new in da box, from a auction liquidation of a restaurant chain owner/big money tycoon that was clearing out excess stuff at a 2 story warehouse in Indy. He scored some great rest. type things which will prob return 1000 fold when he sells them. He's keeping the 8-10 he wants for his new warehouse/ house being built as we speak, the rest I bought from him(I paid $10, so he doubled his money AND got his lights for free so to speak.

Me, I get new lights for the outside of the house and the shop, the rest are pretty much spoken for :thumbup: in one nite's show n tell @ work.(and I 2-3x my $$)
Jus' a lil pin money for vacation in a few months :cool:

Taking the Silverado to his place shortly, one to bring the scrap metal I've gotten out of the pole barn from the "don't want/need" catagory so he can add it to his stuff for the scrap yard, and then to bring the remaining lights back home w/ me (learned can only get 8-9 of em in da CR-V)

After that, the day is mine.Prob putting up new lights will be the plan you'd think, but want to get LED bulbs to go in them b4 i do the install , first.Incan bulbs (3-60 watters inna fixture x's 4) would spin the meter too fast for my liking,and since I figgered out that 7 LED bulbs equals one incan bulb, it's a no brainer to spring for seemingly pricey LED bulbs(Think $15-19 for 3 @ Costco) vs the incan's.
So, prob will do what I can on the mowing/lowering stuff around here. The green stuff is starting to take off and don't want to get behind.

Hope everyone has a great day! :wavey:
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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