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Well??? How was the meeting????

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Whad' we miss? Anything good? We want to know everything yall talked about (maybe ;) )

Brandon, Ray.....we'll see you guys tomorrow!!!
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is ray coming over to help also! sweet, yah you can trust us with you 74 bow while youre noit looking! thats a great looking tank youve got! we'll see ya tomorra'.

youve got pm
what r yall gonna do tomorrow? Set up a new tank?
The meeting was quite cool! :D

It was worth the drive (from Lawrenceville) to see Imagine Ocean. Very nice store with excellent livestock. Jenn and Scott have done an awesome job! Thanks to them both for hosting tonights meeting.

Andy (ARC Prez) announced a few things including future meeting sites, a "tour of member tanks" in October, ARC elections in November and new ARC t-shirts and stuff. The new ARC stuff is going to be available through in the coming days. Charles Kuehne (ARC VP) has been working hard on this (with a little help from yours truly ;) ). Look for an announcement on the new ARC t-shirts and stuff soon.

A rep from Kent Marine was there and spent some time talking about the new Kent Nautilus skimmers and also answered some questions about Kent products.

The highlight for me was the 120g display tank in the front of the store. Awesome!
Hey Joel....

Its a conspiracy to nab your corals! You werent supposed to see that post ;)

Naaaa, nuttin' too fun. Brandon is coming in the pm to finish hooking up my RO/DI. I managed, among other things, to break my supply line to the sink. I forgot that if you kept bending copper tubing out of the way, it would snap. I thought it was too good to be true that I could just bend a pipe when it got in the way :D Duhhhhhh!!!!!!

And I have the pleasure of meeting Ray up at Lenox to complete a!!!!

AND, as if that weren't enough, my shipment of corals from Lise at will be here this AM. Go check out my crystal bubble tip!!!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!

Its gonna be a GREAT day!!!!

Thanks for the rundown, I'll be there next time :D
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Thanks for hosting a good meeting....Jenn & Scott.
man Nicole, sounds like youre as busy as i was yesterday! imgetting some zoos in the mail today also! cant wait! ill be calling you soon to set up a time, i know you said after 1:30 so i can meet you about then or whatever. thanks for everything again!

Brandon & Kelly
August meeting notes

Anthony Calfo is still scheduled for 11 October on a Saturday night.It will be free to club members.

The group powerbuy of Ph monitors has just till the end of the week before Andy orders.

Charles Kuehne and Sam have set up as a store for club logo merchandise.

Bob Lemke called for volunteers to be part of an October Tour of Tanks in conjunction with the visit from Anthony Calfo. He was thinking of 3 to 4 homes close together and shuttling 10 person groups. Tom Wyatt in North Carolina and Don Pelino of Columbus volunteered.

September will be at Aquarium Showcase in Alpharetta and November will be at Eden Gardens for elections. December might be a weekend meeting for families and kids.

Nominations for new officers will be accepted next meeting.

The Board of Directors met after the club adjourned.
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Don Kingore from Kent

Jenn announced a 30% off all Kent products and 200 gallon salt for $39.99 during the meeting. Kent provided the club with two skimmers to auction. Don Kingore from Kent Marine was the speaker and explained Kent products. Don is also a collector for the last seven years.

The Kent, Instant Ocean, & Reef Crystals brands of salt are all produced at the same plant but Don wanted people to understand that the proprietary vitamin / nutrient solutions are transported direct from Kent.

Turbo Calcium is a calcium chloride powder, Liquid Calcium is the same in RO water, and Liquid Reactor is Calcium Carbonate in RO water. Liquid Reactor has a buffering ability and is judged to equal a calcium reactor's output. Tom Wyatt mentioned that coral skeletons are made from Calcium & Bicarbonate and 500 parts per million is a maximum stable concentration.

Garlic can make food more attractive to new tank inhabitants and may help animals adjust. It will change the chemical signature of an animal which may help it evade antagonists. Vitamin C is an immune booster for fish health.

Zooplex is a 800 micron, close cousin of rotifers and feeds corals such as Gonipora, Torch, and Hammers.

One cubic inch of BioRocker filters are the equivalent of 700 BioBalls and would require 4ft x 4ft x 12ft of sump space to equal one BioRocker. Live Rock may be better for low maintenance with a low fish load, but a heavily stocked fish tank can benefit from the mechanical filter, BioRocker bacterial filter and a protein skimmer.

The Natulis Skimmer is makde from PVC plastic which resists the brittleness of acrylic. It has O-rings to stop leaks and a high velocity venturi.

We let Don relax at 8:20pm to answer individual questions
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SOunds like it was a great meeting. Sorry I had to miss it.
mannnn. ...i cant beleive we had to miss it! we really wanted to go too...ive been looking at a kent skimmer...did the auction already happen or when is it? and which skimmers are they the te or ex?

oh well..

now if this isnt a lesson on never to miss another meeting!

Brandon & Kelly
I think they gave one of each......and the auction might be at the Anthony Calfo meeting........ I hope I am right!
Dang, I cant believe I also miss it...this virus dude is in for a butt whoopin.
Re: Don Kingore from Kent

wildemon said:
... Tom Wyatt mentioned that coral skeletons are Calcium Bicarbonate and 500 parts per million is a stable concentration...
a minor correction, I said that corals use Calcium and bicarbonate to MAKE the skeletons from the water column. The skeleton formed is Calcium Carbonate. The question centered around the fact that Ca carbonate has a max solubility of 500 PPM, and as such, the product in question (Don said was Calcium Carbonate) can only get as concentrated as 500 PPM Ca in association with Carbonate in water (no salt), which is what we want our whole tank to be (ASW) in terms of calcium concentration. How can a product of that solution strength provide a dilution at 500 PPM when it is already maxed out in the bottle in concentrated form??? It would have to be a suspension at best, and as such, would be the same as adding the precipitate from the bottom of the Kalk reactor. Might as well just stirr up the Kalkwasser solution and add that instead of the clear liquid above a settled-out Kalk...

but I digress, just wanted to correct the mention of the bicarbonate above (Ted McConnaughay and Goreau models of Calcification/skeletalization)
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To answer the questions about the skimmers.... Kent Marine donated a Nautilus TE and a Nautilus EX to the club. The club still has a Nautilus TE donated by Kent at a previous meeting last year. So we have 3 skimmers. I have them for safekeeping for the time being.

The club also has some other merchandise left over from last year's Borneman event, items that did not sell in the silent auction, books, testing supplies etc (the test kits have a 5 year shelf life...).

One of the BOD members is co-ordinating with Gena Henry, last year's meeting co-ordinator, and she has these items. Once the BOD has them and we figure out what all we have, we'll plan for auctions/raffles/door prizes etc., for the Calfo meeting, so stay tuned...

So if you did not get to Tuesday's meeting (you missed a good one!) you still have a chance to get a Kent skimmer!

That is great news. I apologize for not coming but as Will can attest, I got an emergency at work as we were getting ready to pull out to the Reef Club meeting.
thats great news Jenn! im dying to get my hands on one of the ex skimmers for our 135. ive heard they work awesome!
Yep they kick serious butt. ;)

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