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weed eater question?

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yah its off topic but I need an answer quick, any one have a clue as to why the line sticks as tho its heat bonded together?
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uhh no clue
darn, back I go into the fray with my mattel made weed wacker ;)
How olds the line, whats the diamiter, and what kind of trimmer is it. Most weed eater heat up at the head because of friction and for certain kinds you have to use a certain size or it will actualy melt it a little.
its a weed eater GTI 17T brand new line .065 and it "bonds" right at the end of the line when it breaks off :(
Because it is heat bonded you dummy! Is that little spooly thingy that the string wraps around slipping? If it is, it's getting real hot in there.
If not, then you might need WD-40 (top shelf in the storage room where you left it last time)
No slippage on the spooly thingee, and how did you know where the WD 40 is, you are scaring me ;)
Then it's not slipping, it's rubbing cause it's getting old. Now hit it with the WD-40.

I just know these things. ;)
Is it really heat bonding, or is it just getting wrapped too tight??

You may want to remove the spool and re-wrap it....
its actually metlte at the end where it breaks off inside then bonds to the other line. I have started winding lesser and looser and that seems to help, gonna hit it with some slip and slide now. They should issue a comic with cleaning instructions( didnt buy new) :)
Jesus Doug its just a weed wacker:D
hmmmm, as i read this post,,and it's comments/replies,,,,:rolleyes:
all i can say is:
it's Sunday ,,,i'm takin the day off,,,
anyone else wanna jump in,,,and fill in fer me?:D
Doug1 said:
No slippage on the spooly thingee, and how did you know where the WD 40 is, you are scaring me ;)
BRAHAHAHAHA!! It's because that's where he keeps it too.

Either that, Or he's just omnipresent. :)
Casey "Jesus Doug its just a weed wacker"

Well on a good day I am smarter than said implement, go ahead kick me when I am down
LOL! Maybe the weed wacker isn't the only thing wrapped a little too tight :D
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