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I got this e-mail. I assume Rob is capable of anything this guy offers. Rob, would you reply and let him know we have the website under control? Or... if it is useful, please see what he has to offer. Thanks.

"Many of the pages have not be populated. as part of my profession I do a fair amount of web work. If applicable I can offer some publishing help. At least a starter for many of the pages. Please let me know if I can be of any help...

I would also suggest putting the signup sheet online so that the signup process is automated. this will also all for login to private parts of the site if applicable. This will also cut down on much of the work with tracking members."

My personal email address is [email protected].

I can also offer hosting services for members that want to publish their tanks on the web.


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Well, he's a newer member of the club... it's a plus that he's a member. His son is a member too. They joined ~March or so, not sure how many meetings he's been to but I can check.

IMO if Rob could use the help and if the BOD is willing to bring him on, I'm for it.

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