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Please post any specials, photos, or information that you want to share with the club. Also please make use of this thread to ask any questions you may have. I will unstick this and start a new one when it gets cluttered, or when Joel requests it.

Nemo's Chamber Boy
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Wed Arrivals!

lemon peel angel
Regal angel
Blue tang
powder blue
lawnmower blennys
harlequin tusk
hardwickii wrasse
Electric green carpets
rose anemone
scarlet hermits
turbo snails
sea hares
Crocea clams 3"

Waves Marine & Reef
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Arrivals for 8/4/06

True percs
Pink skunks
Bluefinned damsels
springeri damsels
brown cheek goby
canary blenny
diamond goby
pearly jawfish
lawnmower blenny
mandarin goby
spotted mandarin goby
red lip blenny
smithii goby
blue tang
sohal tang
male flasher wrasse
harlequin tusk
possum wrasse
yellow coris
bangii cardinal
peppermint shrimp
cleaner shrimp
margarita snail
long spine urchin
turbo snails.

Also will be picking up asst corals at the local wholesaler.
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