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Water Top Off

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Apparently I can't search for this properly...

I do not have an ATO(automatic top off) for my system, so I top off the tank twice a day. About a gallon(haven't really measured it out yet)Once in the morning, and once at night. I am looking forward to getting an automatic setup so I'm not bothered by this procedure anymore...

My questions are:

How frequent/much do the automatic setups automatically top off?

How fast/slow do the top off systems refill?

If the salinity is supposed to be at a certain ppt/SG, during evap., salinity rises, during the top off, salinity lowers... How much of a change is too much of a change?

How fast is too fast of a top off?

The pH of the RO/DI water is around 7.0... Am I understanding correctly that this should not have an overall affect on the pH of the tank, because of alkalinity and such, pH should equal out?
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ya I recommend the ATO's, I even added one to my 10g tank, I did a DIY ATO from parts I had around the house, and it works great, and +1 to the double float switch!

I have 2 floats in the return section, and one in the ATO reservoir so the pump dose not run dry...

I also recommend those little 40-70gph fountain pumps, I use them and they work great!

you could use an aqua lifter, but I don't see much reason too, I don't see that much change in Salinity with mine...
It's interesting you can add RO/DI water of a different pH, "pure pH", and it won't have an adverse affect...
just remember we are adding a few cups at a time at most, and a few cups diluted in 90+ gallons will not affect the pH on the system much. but if you lost lets say 3 gallons a day, then toped off once with 3 gallons the pH would start affecting you systems pH...

kalk is good for maintaining pH, but you can add too much, and really get it up there....
That makes sense... A dilution of the addition would be overridden by the ability of the tank to maintain pH. Too much at once, it can't handle the change too well.
:thumbup: thats about it
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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