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Water Top Off

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Apparently I can't search for this properly...

I do not have an ATO(automatic top off) for my system, so I top off the tank twice a day. About a gallon(haven't really measured it out yet)Once in the morning, and once at night. I am looking forward to getting an automatic setup so I'm not bothered by this procedure anymore...

My questions are:

How frequent/much do the automatic setups automatically top off?

How fast/slow do the top off systems refill?

If the salinity is supposed to be at a certain ppt/SG, during evap., salinity rises, during the top off, salinity lowers... How much of a change is too much of a change?

How fast is too fast of a top off?

The pH of the RO/DI water is around 7.0... Am I understanding correctly that this should not have an overall affect on the pH of the tank, because of alkalinity and such, pH should equal out?
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I like the the units, but I would use the dual float switch version for peace of mind.
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