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Want any information on Starting my Nano

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I am new to this site, but not new to aquariums. As a child my brothers and I always had freshwater tanks, but we all know those require relatively no attention, aside from feeding. As I got into my teens I decided I wanted to start a tank up again. I had a saltwater tank on multiple occassions, each time with completely different fish. I ran everything from ten to thirty gallon glass tanks, with fish varying from triggers to blennys and I had one anemone. Wanting to get back into it again I just purchased a Nano-Cube 12 Gallon setup, recommended by my local aquarium shop. It came setup with the wet dry filter and the 24W 50/50 lighting. I am going to start the tank in a few weeks. I've already taken in a few things from the site, but would like any and all input on the starting of a healthy Nano tank. I understand all of the salinityand temp stuff from when I had the SW tank before, but I never paid any attention to or learned about bioload. Please let me know what helps with bioload and what increases it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Derek
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First, WELCOME!!!!

With a nano take you time!! Dont rush into anything. If you arent sure you want that fish or coral dont get it. You dont have enough room in the tank to have something in there you dont want! Stay away from anemones.

With a 12 gallon tank I think you could have 1-2 fish in it. I have a 6 and I dont have any plans on putting a single fish in it, just load it up with coral! The wet/dry you have might be a problem. I have no biological filter in my tank, the only thing I have in there for biological filteration is live rock, and it is doing an excelent job at it!
live rock is the best and only biological filtration you will need....he'll it's the ONLY filtration you'll need

get a powerhead to move the water around through the rocks, and all the sediment will be taken care of as well...unless of course, this set up came with a nifty filter indeed it is a wet dry, you could use it, just remove the'll be glad when your tank isn't loaded with algae feeding off of the nitrate rich balls
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