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Anyone here know of a good site with english instructions to build a vivarium? All the ones that have plant names in latin and I am looking for bare bones how the heck to build type of know vivariums for dummies type instructions.

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I am wondering about trying to build a saltwater/brackish I guess mangrove vivarium or even something that could constitute dart frogs (yes I know OT)
do you live in a sea world type place? :) , you seem to be involved in all kinds of aquatic life/projects, I'll stay in touch, you're someday going to be a great resource for knowledge (i mean this in a positive way, not that you are not already a great resource)....ok I'll shut up now..... :) , Sorry I have no info, but I'd love to pick your brain once your vivarium is up and running :)
Hah, either or actually, I thought I could build a large tank with a mangrove in the top and use it for my gsps and fig 8 puggers. And use like a bromide or something like that that grows near brackish water...or do a frog tank,, and use freshwater fish like tetras..but some of my plumbing concerns do not seem to be getting answered on these frog boards..probably since I am intent on flowing water
i have a spare 30 gallon hex i've been researching setting up as a vivarium/terrarium. i'm looking into these foggers that create a jungle effect.keep us informed on your progress
I think that the Fish store and more in Buckhead has just embarked on the Dart frog idea. They might be able to help you.
I saw something sort of cool in PetsMart the other day.

It was a minature volcano that fogged out of the top.
That would be cool a volcano. I figure it will be at least 3 months or so before I attempt it but at least i have a tank and soon a stand.
Joker is letting me use his broke tank but I only need it to hold perhaps 5 gallons of water.
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