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i'm looking for a good way to vent humidity without a tremendous amount of work/money. I had covers on my frag tanks but i am finding it a pain in the butt to take them on and off all the time. I am also able to get the ph allot higher with the added evaporation and more kalk top off. Problem is ofcorse the basement is becoming more humid every day.

i was wondering if i could just vent some of the air in the basement every few hours to solve the problem. The basement is all cinder block so id like to avoid cutting a new hole. Is it a horrible idea to tee off the clothes dryer vent and use the same pipe. I thought i could use a draft blocker on each side so the blower doesn't send air down to the drier and the drier doesn't send air out the blower. Is this a bad idea ? should i expect my homes heating or cooling costs to go up much from this ?

also i could only find the bathroom type fans at home depot. anyone know where i can find a 4" in line type fan like this
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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