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hankstanks said:
How can I vaccume my Live Sand? I know I can scoop it up and run it with clean SW through a fine mesh or nylon but in the mean time I will stir up what I am trying to vaccume.

Do you think I caould take a rubberband, an old set of nylons and place that over my Python and vaccume that way?

How do people do this?
Good morning hank,

I use a python type device to vacuum sand. You can adjust the syphon force at the faucet where it will seperate the detritus from the sand. Also, if you pick up on the vac end a bit then this will help to seperate the 2.

If you get clean up crew and sand sifter you shouldnt have to clean your sand.

If hank is trying to remove detritus from his system then this will not work. All clean up crews and sand sifters produce detritus, they won't eliminate it.
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